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When you create a project, you specify:

  • Website
  • Keyword
  • Country
  • Language
Then the system starts checking the position of the Website for the Keyword. We use real browsers with the Language and local proxies from the Country to make the requests; therefore, the data is precise and shows the actual position of your website.
Each request consumes 1 Check Credit. So a project will consume about 30 credits per month to do the checks.
You can choose to receive the reports in your email daily, weekly, or monthly.

We recommend checking the positions daily to see your website's rank dynamic. In a month, such a project will consume around 30 credits.
A project is a set of a Website, Keyword, Location, and Langauge. If you need to check from another location or use another language, you are expected to create another project for it.
Multiply the quantity of the projects by 30 to get the number of clicks needed per month.